Proposals for Glen Echo Ravine

Glen Echo Ravine is an under-appreciated natural space in Clintonville. While greatly modified by human activity, the Ravine holds an abundance of animals, plants and insects and plays an important role in our watershed. Proposals to enhance access to the Ravine while remediating environmental problems have been under development over the past few years. These are proposals, and no immediate changes are planned. Any of the efforts outlined in the materials below will be fully vetted in public and modified as needed to fit the needs and desires of Columbus residents.

Proposed Glen Echo Ravine Greenway (click for more detail):


Existing Conditions of Glen Echo Ravine (click for more detail):


A Map of potential enhancements to Glen Echo Ravine (click for more detail):


Case For Support: Glen Echo Ravine Project (click icons for PDFs):

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 8.33.28 AM       Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 8.56.31 AM

Proposal: Glen Echo Ravine Daylighted at High Street (High St. looking south-east with Arcadia Ave. near center top; click for more detail):


What if the developer of the former White Castle lot (2718-2730 N High St) worked with, instead of against Glen Echo Ravine and Glen Echo Run?


Proposal: Glen Echo Ravine Daylighted at High Street (click for more detail):


Proposal: Glen Echo Ravine Daylighted at High Street – Looking east, winter (click for more detail):


Proposal: Glen Echo Ravine Daylighted at High Street, looking west, summer (click for more detail):