Written Sources

Articles, primarily historical, that include information about Glen Echo Ravine.

John Maher. 1977. “The Saga of Glen Echo Ravine.” Columbus Monthly November 1977, pp. 81-88. PDF Here.

A comprehensive article about the controversy that arose when a developer, working for Kroger, proposed to rezone (from residential to commercial) Glen Echo Ravine west of High St., fill in the Ravine, and build a Kroger. Details about the developer (Richard Solove), the proposal, and the formation of “C.A.G.E.R” (initially “Citizens Against Glen Echo Rezoning” then “Citizens Action on the Glen Echo Ravine”) and the eventual demise of the plan.

Below find a copy of the yard sign used to oppose the zoning change. This is from a copy in the State Historical Society.


OVS 5725. Citizens Against Glen Echo Rezoning, c. 1970-1980. [OVS collection] F3 C6 D14
“Poster for Citizens Against Glen Echo Rezoning – Vote No Issue 3, c. 1970-1980”

Romin Koebel. 1979. “Orchestrating Regulatory Techniques In A Strategy For Managing The Urban Spatial Environment To Accommodate Development While Preserving Natural Landmarks.” Man-Environment Systems Vol. 9, No. 6, pp. 300-304. PDF Here.

This 1979 article by Romin Koebel in the fantastically obscure journal Man-Environment Systems uses the late 1970s controversy over rezoning and filling in of Glen Echo Ravine as part of a case study of urban ecological preservation. The organization formed to oppose rezoning of the Ravine property was called “C.A.G.E.R” (initially “Citizens Against Glen Echo Rezoning” then “Citizens Action on the Glen Echo Ravine”). The rezoning was blocked, but proposals to turn the area into a park was rebuffed by the property owners (Olentangy Village).

James L. Murphy. 2011. The Trimble and Wassail Brick Companies, Athens County, Ohio. Contributions to Ohio Ceramic History No.7. PDF Here.

A history of an Athens County brick company prefaced by a description of the company’s origins in the Columbus Sewer Pipe Company, which occupied the site of the current North International High School, adjacent to the Ravine. The exciting stuff begins on page 8 of Murphy’s distinguished opuscule.


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